DeMontel Financial Services

Financial Services covers a broad range of topics, and we have financial professionals ready to help meet your needs providing customized solutions.

We will help you understand your retirement plan options (or other benefits options) and help you choose the best plan to fit your needs and situation; including design, administration costs, and investment options.  We can help you design the plan for the maximum benefit of employees and owners, and we stick with you to set up the policy, enroll participants, and provide ongoing service assistance.  We recommend quarterly, semiannually, or annual strategy meetings depending on your product mix and your desires.  We meet with you and your team to proactively review the plan or benefits to be sure the products and services are meeting your goals and needs and to help you prepare for renewals and annual compliance requirements.  We listen to you to determine your goals and needs upfront so that the plans and benefits meet your needs, not ours.

We can help you with:

  •     Retirement Plans
  •     Investments
  •     Asset Protection
  •     Retirement Planning
  •     Estate Planning
  •     College Funding
  •     Business Continuation
  •     Key Person & Buy and Sell Planning
  •     Group Benefits
  •     Life Insurance
  •     Disability Insurance
  •     Long-Term Care Insurance
  •     Saving for a specific goal

We can help you make sense of financial needs and the solutions - Contact us today to get started!